The new-age office furniture from Featherlite includes premium office chairs, modular office workstations and compact storage cabinets. These furniture units promote collaboration, coordination, comfort, productivity and a chic look to the workspace.



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Office Furniture Online :

Office furniture in India is now known to be more compact, versatile, functional, flexible, and adaptable providing ample comfort to the user. This change takes care of an added feature called ergonomics boosting the overall well-being of the employees. The new-age office furniture in India includes premium office chairs, modular office workstations, light office tables, and compact storage cabinets. These furniture units promote collaboration, coordination, comfort, productivity and a chic look to the workspace.

Having modular workstation in your office will become much easier for you to increase seating space during team expansion or during the introduction of a new team altogether. Likewise, adjustable office furniture directly impacts the comfort of the user. It would be so much comfortable to have a sit-stand desk than a regular chair and table because sit-stand desks allow you the flexibility to adjust the height of the desk to either sit and work or stand and work.

Office Chairs :

The office chair is one piece of furniture that garners maximum attention from each one in the office. The simple reason behind it is the level of comfort you get during regular working hours or attending long meetings. Another reason is, it has been observed that when your office chair is uncomfortable you tend to spend most part of your day in attempting to make it comfortable.

Ergonomic executive office chairs are much in trend these days. The comfort and features attached to these chairs make them the most sought-after furniture in present strenuous office scenarios. These are premium office chairs equipped with features like height adjustable seat, adjustable backrests, lumbar support, sufficient seat depth and width, breathable material and seat foam, adjustable armrests, easily reachable adjustment controls, and swivel and castors. The health benefits of ergonomic executive office chairs have a direct impact on the quality of work and productivity of employees. This is one of the reasons why ergonomic executive office chairs are gaining increased popularity.

The benefits and increased demand for these premium office chairs have led furniture companies to manufacture innovatively to offer maximum comfort, functionality, and style too. Featherlite, one of India’s leading furniture manufacturing companies, with a reputed history of 50 years have a collection of ergonomic executive office chairs to suit your need and style. Liberate Chair, Amaze Chair, Ergon, Optima Chair, Pinnacle Chair, Tycoon office Chair are just a few names from their elaborate range of premium chairs.

Edge Workstations:

Workstations focus on creating an atmosphere where interactivity and employee collaboration are an integral part of the work environment. It is a space where creative ideas are brought to life aided by the simple yet sleek designs of the workstations. Maybe a decade ago we didn’t think that furniture can be bought online too. New-age workstations are much in trend in the segment of office furniture.

The Edge Series brought to you by Featherlite is a series of workstations that is becoming increasingly popular among small scaled businesses and start-up companies. The reason for this is because these workstations can fit in to any sort of office space. Whether you are working out of your house or even have a small office with limited space, the Edge series compliments any kind of environment. A lot of small office spaces already have existing furniture pieces that they do not want to get rid of but simply want to add pieces that will not disrupt the flow of the office. The Edge series is ideal for these situations as they are designed to adapt to any environment. . The design of this workstation makes it extremely easy to install as the portability of the product makes it possible to re-locate and re-assemble the workstation with ease.

The Edge series has an L-Shaped workstation for both the shared and non-sharing options. This, along with a set of shared and external storage drawers and paper trays ensures that productivity and efficiency are of the utmost importance. As the name suggests, the Edge series focuses on square and rectangular tables rather than circular ones. This makes it an easy fit in to almost any office space and also helps regulate the amount of unused space.

Height Adjustable Table:

The new height adjustable table by Featherlite achieves new heights in workplace, help comfort and productivity through allowing users to easily alternate between sitting and standing postures throughout the day. Regular switching between these two positions is a proven method to keep lower back and neck pain caused by poor blood circulation and slow but constant development of more serious illnesses like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes at bay

Height adjustable tables are new generation of worktables that offers flexibility to users who sit glued to their work for more than eight hours. Study shows that people who sit and stand during their work decrease the musculoskeletal pain after four to six weeks of working using height adjustable table. They become more comfortable, thus work effectively and productively.

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