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Linear Six Seater Sharing -1500mm

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Linear Three Seater Sharing 1500X600:- Linear configurations present new ideas to optimise the use of space in office environments and offers the ideal template for developing an open and welcoming workplace that is versatile and well-organised. Linear modules maintain an environment where productivity is key. Individuals will find themselves in a pleasingly customisable space where work can be enjoyed and concentration is made easy. Linear arrangements present a sustainable, economic solution and maximises space potential.


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Linear Three Seater Sharing 1500X600.

The workstations are available in two table top sizes:

1. 1200mm x 600mm

2. 1500 mm x 600 mm.

- The table tops are made of 25mm thick pre-laminated board with 2mm edge binding.

- The height of the tables is a standard 750mm.

Screens Glass: 8mm thick sandwich glass screens available in Green, Yellow and White.

- All screens are sit on studs powder coated in Texture Moonlight Grey, to match the legs of the workstation.

The screens are

1. 300mm tall.

2. 1050mm wide Finishes

- The table tops finishes is Everest White.

Wire Management:

- 150mm wide metal raceway with removable cover for easy wiring & maintenance.

- One 8-module and one data cutout (ideally suited for Anchor Roma) is provided for mounting switches and/or sockets.

- Two grommet holes are also provided on the table top.


The mobile pedestal units are a must-have accessory. They are made of 18mm PLB.

The structure is such that there are three drawers, including one large for file storage.

The pedestal is:

1. 640mm tall.

2. 400mm wide.

3. 450mm deep.

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