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Chairs For Your Health

Proper work chair is supposed to deliver postural equilibrium or proper support for the natural alignment of the body, through different postures.



Choosing the Right (Work From Home) Chair.

“Work from home is an accepted norm in many sectors, especially in the IT sector, as it promotes a good work-life balance and actually enhances productivity. Gone are the days when WFH meant you are excused on medical grounds or for some emergency. The WFH option offers you the opportunity to gain that much-needed work-life balance, and motivates you to put in your best effort at work in return.
    Ergonomic chair can help you remove strain and stress on your body and offers real comfort. Sitting comfortably in your chair will help you reduce the eyestrain you feel when you sit in a wrong distance from your computer.”

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Height Adjustable Table

It’s time to stand up for your health

“Researches show that most of the people who work in the office and sit for long hours can suffer from some serious illness, which are disturbing. Men and women who work for more than six hours sitting in their office chair are more prone to these illnesses rather than those who sit for just less than three hours in a day. Some health problems that may be caused by long hours of sittings include back, knees, shoulder, hips and ankle health problems. If you feel all of these pains due to sitting, it is best for you to stand for a while. It is because it will help you reduce the pressure in your back and at the same time allow your legs to carry your weight.”

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Your Work Surface

“Like your chair, your work surface should fit you. Once you have adjusted your chair, you can determine the appropriate height for your work surface. The top of your work surface should be at your elbow height. Elbow height is measured while your upper arms are hanging relaxed by your sides and your lower arms are bent at a right angle. Make any necessary adjustments by raising or lowering your work surface or chair. If your work surface cannot be lowered or raised to accommodate your elbow height, you can raise your chair and use a footrest. The footrest should be large enough for both feet. If necessary, a keyboard tray can be used to bring the keyboard and mouse to elbow height. A keyboard tray should be height and tilt adjustable, have room for both the keyboard and mouse, and should not compromise legroom. Materials used frequently should be located within easy reach (a good way to arrange work materials is in a semicircle shape).By keeping materials you do not use frequently out of reach, you will have to get out of your chair for them. This will promote Blood circulation and reduce overall discomfort. .”

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