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  1. Astro Classic Work Chair

    From:₹5,458 ₹6,550 To: ₹9,601

    A classic work chair with emphasis on comfort and function, Astro defines the curve as a functional characteristic. Simple, easy to use adjustments encourage dynamic seating. The chair is a brilliant integration of performance with design at exceptional value.

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  2. Amaze Chair


    Amaze office chair to tune your productivity to its maximum potential. The imported Duraflex nylon mesh adjusts to the contours of your back making for an outstanding seating experience. With its sharp contours and defined lines Amaze chair is sleek contemporary and a particularly beautiful piece of design.

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  3. Anatom Ergonomic Chair

    From:₹9,653 ₹11,584 To: ₹10,878

    Anatom is the perfect blend of comfort-enhancing ergonomic features, performance-tuned quality, and contemporary design. It's affordable without compromise.

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  4. Optima High-Performance Chair

    From:₹27,457 ₹32,948 To: ₹28,764

    The Optima is a high-performance chair that blends wellness and luxury.When you sit Optima adapts to you by dynamically supporting your movements. The Optima back embodies an unprecedented responsiveness with intuitive feel that results from merging an intellegent mesh fabric with the chair back frame. A healthy body alignment is achieved as a result.

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  5. Contact Project

    From:₹5,945 ₹7,134 To: ₹8,927

    Contact is an icon in the Indian seating industry. Designed by the company's founder nearly two decades ago the chair has embodied all the salient features of a classic task chair. The firm backrest gives the user a pleasant feeling of security while fitting in well with modern office layouts with its transparent lightweight styling.

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